Aren't you scared?

So Griffin is teaching Lucy the art of dress up. I know, your terrified by this powerful knightress (or armed princess?)! She even has a...well, it's a saw, but she is pretending it's a sword, stuck in her pocket just like Griffin does. Although, Griffin usually has one sword in a pocket, one in the front of his pants and one in his shirt. I think he thinks its cool to reach behind his head to get his sword when confronted with a opponent.
I love love love to see them playing together!!! It's a dream coming true.


MountainWave said…
Oh my sweet honey, how precious.
Love it.
I'm having Gast withdrawl at this little moment. It would be awesome to have the little ones running around in this Cape house and the grown ones sitting at the table with us and wine. Pizza's about to go into the oven. Wanna join us?
Mama Gast said…
Would love too! Just a 22 hour drive away. :(