Just going for it.

This little one took a big step forward toward more independent play on Friday!!! Griffin wanted to go to Fun4kids as his reward on Friday afternoon. Lucy also loves it there, but just to watch the other kids play.
Can I tell you how much I love that bit of drool on her chin...something only a mother could love? It is just so HER.... She has been really focused on the ball pit the last few times we were there and this time she was super brave and went in, all by herself!! I was so proud of her. This is a child that gets nervous when strangers (and family, for that matter) just look at her too hard. (I know, I know, ball pit.....contagious disease, scum, dirt, pee, all other forms of slimy nastiness. But sometimes, you've got to just cringe and let them do it anyways! It builds their immune system up, right? RIGHT????) She went in when it was empty, but even seemed to enjoy it when other kids joined her. She LOVES balls, so once she got comfortable....Let the games begin! Lucy may do things later and more slowly than other kids, but I am learning that this makes her success even the sweeter for us!


MountainWave said…
This is a precious post. Seeing her in the ball pit brings us smiles and of course it builds immunity! Of courrrrrse it does! Love you guys, Sara