Christmas Day

It was so fun to see Lucy's excitement this year, as this whole Christmas "thing" was finally coming together for her. Oh...I see....this is what brother was talking about.
We had a wonderfully relaxed and magical day. The kids started with stockings, the adults with mimosas.

We were all donning our new Christmas pj's....and yes, you don't have to make fun of me behind my back, you can do it to my face, I totally am asking for it. I did buy Scottie dog pj's to match my daughters (I hang my head in shame of the cheesiness.....but we looked so cute! ;) )
Besides opening a mountain of presents, we fit in lots of giggles and cuddles, and of course, lots of great food. We started opening presents about 8:30 and I think the last one was opened about 6 was quite a day. Thankfully we had no where we had to be so if the kids wanted to stop and play with every toy as it was opened, it was no problem.We were soooo thankful that Bruce was with us for most of the day. He was on call and only had to go in for one patient. Luckily, that was during down time and he was able to enjoy all the big moments. Lucy really enjoyed showing Mom each gift as she opened it, it was really sweet.This is a demented laughing dog, who makes a noise similar to a 75 yr. old perverted smoker. Yeah, it is that bad plus it rolls around on the floor while doing it. has some kind of sensor so if you even walk by the damn thing, it starts up. Well, it was supposed to be for Lucy, but it kind of terrified her, but Griffin, he thought is was HYSTERICAL. It was so cute to see him delighted by it. By the time we started getting our Christmas dinner ready, this was the scene in our living room. The kids are watching their new Veggie Tales dvd, and Mom, well, I think the kids wore her out! It really was such a wonderful day!