Making the most of it.

We woke up to a beautiful snowfall, thinking around 5" ish. We could not wait to suit up and get into it! We actually bought Griff some real boots this time!! We grabbed our sled and headed over to the city park where we knew there were some decent hills.
It was tough work at first, pushing each other down the hill, but once we got the snow packed into a run we had a blast. Well, 3 of us had a blast - I bet you can guess who didn't like it!

But she loved swinging, even in 20 degrees!! We stayed out for about an hour before we really started to lose her! SO MUCH FUN! Griffin was excited to get back to this, though:

Who has 4 thumbs and llluuuuuvvvvs hot chocolate?
These guys!


4cheeseheads said…
what a great snow day. i love the photo of bruce and lucy going down on the sled with griffin at the top watching. captures the fun of the day.