Let's go back...Christmas Eve.

Like last year, we drove down to Nashville on Christmas Eve and met up with my Dad, Vicky and Alexis (who they had just picked up from the airport) at the Grand Ol' Opry Hotel. It is soooo beautiful, wonderfully decorated, plus warm and humid for the plants. I really can't imagine a better place to have lunch on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, Bruce was on call so he was not able to come with us. The kids were very into the fountains and fish this year.
We had a wonderful lunch together. We were so happy to see everyone. Griffin and Dad spent most of the lunch playing with his brand new, and very first Transformer. Look out boy toys, here we come!! Dad and Vicky also gave our family a wii!!!! That was the most exciting to me, but Griffin didn't quite understand what it was at that point.
Lucy was very happy to play with her new babydoll and flirt with the waiter.

We took a relaxing boat ride around one of the atrium's...we actually had the whole boat to ourselves.

This is Griffin freaking out....Dad and a crew member were teasing him about a sea monster that would eat bad kids. Well, he wasn't having it AT ALL. Mostly I put this picture in because this is the face I see right before he gets sent to time out, his very bratty challenging face. I cracked up when I saw this photo, I had never captured this face before in a picture....in fact, I think Alexis took this one.

We had a great afternoon and then we piled into the car to head home. I had pre-made my specialty pasta, and all I had to do is throw it into the oven for dinner. My Mom, Bruce, Alexis, myself and the kids all settled into a wonderful meal followed by the traditional opening of Christmas jammies and the reading of some special books.
Griffin had brought home "reindeer food" that we had to sprinkle on the front lawn before bed. Of course, Santa and the reindeer were not forgotten inside either. This year, Griffin went with the traditional milk and cookies, with a side of broccoli. He had written a letter to Santa at school that we also left out.

The wee ones were put to bed with sweet dreams of jungle play sets and barking puppies. The adults got right down to martinis and many rousing games of Bananagrams! What a perfect day.