So, I am working on a pretty big project right now that is going to be pushing my skills to the next level. Yeah, I love a challenge. I have never done any machine quilting so I decided I needed to practice on something. I found this quilt square that I had made last year but had turned out to small to use for that particular need.
I found some decently coordinated fabric in my stash to back it with and went about learning to machine quilt. I actually really enjoyed it, alot more than I thought I would! It is far from perfect, but I don't think it's a terrible first piece. Back to the stash to find some fabric to brush up on my binding skills and Voila, we have a .......well, what is it exactly? I was thinking it could be a hot pad but the kids got a hold of it first and now it's a teddy bear's blankie. That works too, I guess!


4cheeseheads said…
looks amazing for your first time. you are becoming quite the craft maker. love seeing all your projects.

miss you tons.

MountainWave said…
I'm so impressed and excited for you. Lovin' this soul-feeding realm that you're in. You're in the right place sister. Love you, Sara