Little Flutterby Parade

Carlie came over to play yesterday. I was thinking about how both these wee ones live in the shadow of their big brothers. Don't get me wrong, they both have loving, creative, energetic, kind big brothers...but they don't have "girlie" play modeled for them. They live in a world filled with bugs, dinosaurs, cars, trains, knights, pirates and superheros.
I decided it was time I start adding some feminine energy to their play, for balance, and what a more perfect time then NOW. After having a tea party, we pulled out the tutus. They each selected their own hat and since we were already playing with the finger puppets...well, now we have something.

They absolutely loved flitting around the house, parade style, singing silly songs I was making up about butterflies. We had to stop in the living room for some spinning, so they could really understand the beauty of the tutu. They even had to have a hug, as if to say, "I am having a lot of fun with you!" Sweet, SWEET, little girls. I think I may have to make myself a tutu so I can really join in the fun!!