Christmas Day

Matching pj's on Christmas morning - I just couldn't resist. Griffin woke up and ran right into wake up his Auntie. He was eager to show her all the evidence that Santa had come and to marvel at the "mountain" of presents. I nursed Lucy and then we all headed out so the kids could open their stockings and the adults could gulp down some coffee before making breakfast.
The kids always get a stuffed animal in the top of their stocking. This year I made the animals. Griffin loved his happy purple monster. Lucy got a bird (smallest of a set of 3) - pictures to come. I had a super fun time making their animals.

They both got an orange in the toe of their stocking...maybe Lucy's favorite thing. :) She is so tactile and an orange is good on so many levels - smell, taste, texture, color.

After breakfast, Lucy took a nap. It worked out perfectly. Griffin was able to open his presents with all eyes on him and we did not have to worry about a little one eating wrapping paper bits! This was the present Griffin had told everyone, including Santa, was the only thing he wanted for Christmas. We had hidden it behind the tree but when we got up this morning he walked me right to the wall and said, "Look back there, it's Oucho!" (Some how "ultra" became "Oucho" in his mind.) Next year we are going to have to get more sneaky!
He has had countless hours of fun with this guy. Lucy was a little scared of it at first but she is used to it now. Griffin also got a toy griffin and a book about a griffin which were favorites along with a pirate boat and the game Mousetrap. Lucy got a doll and stroller which she likes but she really loves this baby percussion set that our friends the Webbers sent her, the best. They both also got some really cute clothes. We are on a truly tight budget right now so there were not so many presents for the adults, but that did not dampen our spirits. It was a true gift to see our children so happy and enjoy a beautiful, peaceful day at home with Bruce and Alexis. Life is so so good.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a fun day. I am glad you had some time with your Sister. It sounds like everyone had a great time.
Jennifer Wright