Ode to Alexis

I can't even tell you how amazing it was to have 5 days with my little sister. In fact the line is so blurred right now, as she fills the role of "best friend" so much more than "little sister" these days. Except, that is, for our shared history, shared sense of humor and shared values. Griffin has bonded to her in a HUGE way and she was so sweet to play endless hours of pirates and Mousetrap with him. She evenly patiently explained to him that "she will be back" as Griffin ("She can't leave, they need her to be the Mama!!!!!!!!) cried alligator tears when Maria left the children to return to the abbey (The Sound of Music). She is an amazing women, who I admire greatly. Her focus on her career, her future, her character is so clear, it is refreshing. Above all she is real. Real about her emotions, options and opinions. I am so glad my daughter has her to look to as a role model. It took Lucy 3 days to warm up to her, but she finally did and we were all so pleased.All was not perfect, however....she introduced Griffin to this,