Christmas Eve night

Christmas Eve was filled with my favorite childhood traditions that we aim to continue with our kids. We had the traditional Christmas Eve lasagna (how did that get started, Mom?). Followed with sibling presents and new Christmas pj's from Mama and Papa. Lucy gave Griffin 2 little pirates (which he named Salami 1 and Salami 2 in honor of his new little cousin, Masami.) He loved using them to act out the whole Peter Pan story with Auntie Lexi. Sunshine got many cuddles, next to a walk (when her knee isn't acting up) her favorite thing. She also got some special food treats. It was so peaceful and quiet, such a nice wind down for the kids.
Griffin got ready for Santa's visit with 3 chocolate cookies, (we had many different types but Griffin was sure Santa wanted chocolate only) a mug of milk and broccoli and carrots for the "deers". He even (thought of all by himself) wrote Santa a pre-emptive thank you card - guess he was pretty sure that he was going to get the dino he wanted!!