a lovely evening

We took the kids to meet Santa on Saturday. Our favorite haunt down here, the Pennyrile Forest, had a meet and greet and dinner with Santa. I can't say enough good things about doing it this way. We avoided to mass consumer craziness of the mall, there was no line, Griffin could talk as long as he wanted, it was FREE, Santa was sweet...the perfect solution. Griffin was a little nervous at first, but warmed up to Santa after a couple minutes (he must have been up there for a good 5 minutes.) Griffin asked Santa for the Ultra Dinosaur, of course. They discussed what kind of snack the reindeer might want (broccoli or carrots?) and Santa requested milk with his cookies. Lucy actually sat on Santa's lap for a couple of seconds so I could snap a quick picture. Much to my surprise, Santa had a very thick Southern accent! :)

Afterward we enjoyed a wonderful holiday dinner in beautifully decorated lodge. What a nice evening! Amors, thanks for loaning us the outfit Lucy was wearing. EVERYONE stopped us to say how cute she looked. Even Santa kept stopping to talk to Lucy, he was really taken with her.
Griffin and I took a bunch of silly pictures to pass the time while we waited for Santa to come out. Here is my favorite one.