The best moment of the day...maybe the week....heck, probably the month!

Today has been a rough one friends, I am not gonna lie. Griffin woke up this morning complaining of a stomach ache, then it was too hot, then he didn't want any breakfast, then his tummy hurt and finally, "but I don't want to go to school today!" But, after a good breakfast, and putting on his favorite shirt, he was eager to go.
To understand what happened at school, one needs to have read "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn. It is a book about a little racoon that doesn't want to go to school. His Mama kisses the palm of his hand and urges him to hold onto that kiss all day to make him feel strong. Last night was Bruce's turn to put Griffin to bed so I suggested this as the perfect book for that night.
So, back to this morning. I walked Griffin into the gym where all the teachers were meeting their students and delivered him into the capable hands of his teacher. We spoke for a moment and then it was clearly time for me to leave. The teachers wanted to get things started, and I was in danger of letting the waterworks fly. I had a moment to say goodbye to Griffin and then as I turned to leave when I heard him say "Mama, Mama, Wait!" And just like in the book, Griffin runs up and grabs my hand and places a kiss in it. Oh boy friends, I can't tell you what that did to me - JELLO, I became Jello. It took all I had to turn away from him. And the tears started flowin' like a river. I did not even make it to the front door of the school before the sobs started. WOW, what an emotional time. I was super proud of myself for not crying in front of Griffin, though.
Now, I am counting down the minutes 'till I can pick him up. I can't wait to hear all about his day. I bought ballons and cupcakes and I am going to make his favorite, Spaghetti and Meatballs, for dinner and we are going to celebrate tonight. We are all growing up a bit.


Nancy said…
Such a sweet boy! Crying with you right now.