I just got the pictures from our little disposable camera developed and I went back and added pics to these posts: Lucy's first camping trip and Day 2 without Griffin.
I have to post this photo too.
A couple of weekends ago we went to a local Bluegrass music festival. We were only there for 3 hours or so because it was in the 90's and SUPER humid. Griffin looks so hot in this photo!

And about that horrendous t-shirt Bruce is wearing....ugh, it's all my fault, you can blame me. See, Bruce LOVES ju ju bees and always needs a box for road trips. I think they are super GROSS but, you know, whatever, if he likes them and it helps him drive, groovy. He made a point a few months ago to show me how on the box there is an order form for a ju ju bees t-shirt. So, for his 40th, mostly as a joke, I got him the t-shirt. (I think I may be the only person to ever order 1 from their website as they were not sure how to charge me for shipping as they usually ship them by the box to stores.) I really never thought he would actually wear it out. To mow the lawn sure, to paint the ceiling, of course, to a music festival, NO WAY. I think it is the ugliest shirt ever made, and you see, that is my tragic error, I told him so and I think that makes him love it even more. So, this is your warning friends: The ju ju bees t-shirt, coming to an event near you.


Anonymous said…
Love the shirt Bruce!!(Sorry Christi) Mom