I'm in print!!

I worked up my courage (and at the encouragement of my Mom) and wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper, The Madisonville Messenger. And guess what - it was published yesterday!!! SO EXCITING for me.
I wish I could link to it, but you can only view it with a subscription to the paper. Many of you have already basically read it, as I just shortened this blog entry to 250 words.
You know, it can be really scary to speak your mind, especially when your opinion is that of a minority (in this geographical region). I have decided though, to be respectful of myself and out of the love I have for my children and my concern for their future, I MUST speak my truth. Even if it is unpopular or progressive. And it is scary, scary that someone will think I am stupid or a terrible writer, tease me or make fun of me, but I will forge ahead anyway. I pledge that to myself and my children. Now, I am sure it will be a good long while before anything works me up to quite the same passion, but when it does, look out world, I am going to tell you what I think!
**On a side note, I also sent my blog entry in it's entirety to my Senators and Representative.***