In the swing of things...

Well, I think we have got this school thing down now. We have a lunch that he seems to like because he requests that it be exactly this, EVERY DAY. That sure makes it easy for me. We know which days to wear tennis shoes because of P.E. We know what time to leave the house to get to school without rushing. It is starting to feel like a routine.

The best part: We got a behavior report on Friday. Their behavior is rated by color, purple being the best. Griffin got purple every day. And in the special comments section his teacher wrote, "Griffin is a joy." And ya, it made me cry.


Chase said…
Thank you for the suggestion! Where did you purchase the bento box? It is great for different veggies and fruits. I use a bento box, too. But it has only two sections.
The lunch you prepared looks great!
Anonymous said…
That is awsome. You must be so proud of him. Good job for getting in to a routeen. My Kindergartners come on Thursday the 3rd.