The pond was blooming!!!

We spent Saturday afternoon (while Bruce was taking his big exam that he PASSED!!) at the zoo with our friends Mandy, Jacob and Carlie. It was a lovely day, sunny and a balmy 75 - PERFECT. (Boy, I guess I still have that southern CA blood!)
The kids were so great!! For the first time, Lucy was hyper aware of the animals, squealing with delight at each new discovery. Griffin and Jacob had such a great time together. They were so enthusiastic the WHOLE TIME. People around us couldn't help but smile at them. Mandy and I joked that the zoo should use them in a commercial. I love having a child that always is interested, aware and involved even if we are doing something that he has done many times before.

Lucy and Carlie are great stroller buddies, but I think they were a little jealous of their brothers freedom.Little Monkeys.


Anonymous said…
What a fun day. Your kids always seem so happy. If/when I have kids I will call you for tips on happy and healthy kids.
Mama Gast said…
Well, Jen, I have to be honest with you, they have their not-so-happy moments too...I just don't document those as well! HAHA Overall though, I have to say, they are some phenomenal little people. :)