An afternoon in a vineyard.

We went to my friend's vinyard, Bravard Vineyards, last Saturday for her annual fall open house and this month's herb club meeting. The weather had been iffy so not much in the way of a meeting but we had a wonderful time still. They have the cutest dogs, that the kids loved playing with!! Griffin hooked up with a ever changing group of kids, roaming the vineyards and playing all sorts of games. It was so relaxing for us to actually sit back and enjoy some good wine, listen to the great live music while our kids were happily entertained nearby!
One of our herb club friends brought carmel apples, so the kids each got to have one for the first time. It reminded me of our wedding....We made dipped apples to display at the front door. We wrote each guest's name on the stick/handle along with the number of the table where they were going to be sitting. Sweet old memories, sweet new memories.


Jessica Amor said…
I remember that sweater! So cute on Lucy too!'s amazing how alike your kids look. No missing that they're siblings!
Tina & Dikke said…
Loved these thinking about how simple little traditions evoke lovely memories...I remember eating carmel apples as a little girl, I remember my 3 little girls eating carmel apples...and now 2 little grandbabies! YUMMY...taste and memories! Hugs to you all! Gran