So, here is my little table at a show I participated in last night. Only about 50 people or so walked through, so percentage wise, I think I did pretty well. I really had a great time! It was kind of nerve wracking to have my goods out there for all to judge in such a blatant way, but I got a ton of great feedback. I want to publicly thank my friend Mandy...not only did she get me the contact for this event but she also went with me for moral support. She even drove!!! And, it was way out in the boonies on a dark curvy deer filled country road - so nice to just be able to sit back and relax! I have to say my favorite part was hanging out, having dinner with Mandy afterward - girl time is so important and I just don't have enough of it in my life right now!!
My friend Katie, was also so amazing yesterday (I am sure she is amazing everyday, I just got to witness it yesterday!). She had stopped by the house with her very cool "day spouse" (work partner) to drop by a book on hand quilting (it has begun, my friends!!). I told her about a bird that had gotten stuck in our attic the night before. Bruce had tried to catch it, with no luck. I was wondering if she knew of someone I could call to save the bird, as I knew she was involved in wild bird rehabilitation. She was like, "Well, people call me." 10 minutes later after a precarious dance with this little starling over the beams in the attic, she rescued this little friend. How sweet, how talented, how bad ass!!!! We were all delighted to see this little guy fly away, healthy and relieved to be free. Thanks, Katie!!!
We are headed up to MI. We all need to recharge and relax....and pick some fresh MI apples. YUM!!!! You know I will have some great orchard pics for you next week.
Take care, have a great weekend, see ya on the flip side!