Fall frolics

We had a GREAT weekend! We spent Sat. afternoon after a soccer game, at a bonfire party. We met so many fantastic new people and we all had a really great time. On Sunday, we headed over to our local pumpkin patch. We packed a picnic lunch, taking advantage of the amazing weather. Lucy and Griffin loved sharing some of our leftover bread with the ducks.
While Griffin was playing all over the cool hay bail maze, Lucy and I explored the little market. She really wanted this big pumpkin, but settled for a bumpy gourd in the end.

When we went to feed the goats, Griffin was delighted finding this little Kidd. What a sweet little baby! After a tromp around the corn maze, we hopped in the hayride that takes you out to the pumpkin patch. It must have been a sight, 3 of us tromping around the muddy fields, me holding a pumpkin in my arms and Lucy on my shoulders!! What fun. On the way back our wagon got stuck in the mud, causing all 30 of us to have to jump out and wait for it to be unstuck. I am not sure weather Griffin or Bruce more enjoyed watching the big tractor wheels spin and spit mud, trying to get unstuck! Just never know which direction an adventure will take you!


4cheeseheads said…
Sounds like an awesome day. Great memories. On Sunday, we went to the pumpkin patch too. And yes, it was a muddy mess. We've had a ton of rain this month. We rarely see the sunshine. I'm glad to hear your weather is good. We picked out 3 pumpkins and carved them last night.
Casey has been fighting a croupy cough for 8+ days. After being unable to mend her on my own, I'm taking her to the dr this afternoon. We have family (Carli, Mike, Riley and Gavin) coming to visit us for Halloween. I want her better before the fun begins.
Anonymous said…
But please be careful when visiting Stanley's...


If you have small children, I would go to Winders' Farm in Mortons Gap, KY or Christian Way near Hopkinsville - no sex offenders at either place.