My favorite time of year.

I LOVE fall! I love the chill in the air, the bright leaves, steamy bowls of homemade soup, cozy sweaters and scarves and most importantly, a trip out to the orchards. We went to Cider Mills in MI last weekend with the Moms. As soon as Lucy saw these ponies (donkeys?) she started her "uh, uh,uhs" and pointing. No doubt about it, she wanted a ride. So a the ripe ol' age of 18 mos. Lucy gets her first pony ride and she loved it.
Griffin is an old pro at such experiences, I almost think it is about time to get him out on a real horse back ride.
This is not a great picture of either of them, but I just had to show you how much they look alike. No mistaking them as siblings! It is like totally impossible to get a good picture of the four of us - time to call in a professional!!The first of about six apples for Lulu. She had to taste test every varietal, of course!! She has been eating apples whole like this since she got her two front teeth at well under a year old. And we wonder why she didn't want lunch afterward. Dikke was feeling the Michigan apple love. We may not have many more years of us all being able to meet MI to go to the orchard together so we definitely made the most out of this adventure!


MountainWave said…
Yay pictures! Sooooooo loving the Gast/Moms tribe in the Michigan apple fall realm. You and Lu, Bruce and Grif (in the tree) are framers!!