Pomplamoose Music

Lucy and I just discovered Pomplamoose Music thanks to another blog I read, but already they are a favorite. We especially love this video...Lulu is working on her "oh oh oh oh oh"'s! She won't sit still to watch anything on t.v. Dora? NO Sesame Street? NO Baby Einstein videos? Hell NO But, sometimes she will really get into watching these people. That and videos of babies laughing...you know, America's Funniest Home Video style.


MountainWave said…
Griffin and Mama: When Uncle Leo was Griffin's age, maybe a year younger, he got to name his new parakeet. He named it Hot Dog. And when Aunt Sara was around the same age, she got to name her newborn kitten. She named it Washrag.

O the awesomely unlimited creativity of youth~

Giggles and big love from the Cape~