Go Bees!

We are back to soccer again. Oh boy, what a difference a summer has made. Griffin is so much more focused and has so much more stamina this time around. I think his concentration has improved and this latest growth spurt has made him even stronger. This season we are the Killer Bees, be afraid...be very afraid. Actually, they are pretty good. They won the game like 15 to 3. Griffin scored the first goal for the Bees. He's growing up, sniff sniff, instead of a victory dance we got the double thumbs up!! They have this one little girl on the team who is EXCELLENT. She scored the majority of the goals. Bruce keeps telling Lucy to watch, that will be her someday. Lucy is so eager to play, she tries to lunge out of our arms all game long to try to get to the ball!
We had a pretty non-existent weekend otherwise. Bruce was on-call (which has increased to every third weekend, and sometimes every other) and got called in 6 times this weekend!!! Poor guy is worn out and none of us really ever felt relaxed. We are so happy that we have fall break next week and are even going to be able to squeeze in a 4 day trip to MI. So between now and Friday noon, I have to finish making all my goodies for my table on Thursday night and get myself organized for it, get this black hole of a house cleaned up, get us all packed, call all the parents and organize the kindergarten Halloween party, and all that mothering stuff I do! :) Whew, it's a marathon and I am in it for the long haul...and I LOVE it! Take care y'all, posting will continue to be light for the next couple of weeks.