I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOOOHOOOOT!!!! I finished my FIRST quilt. I am so excited, so proud, so happy about it!
This quilt was almost (except the binding fabric) entirely made of scrap 1930's reproduction fabrics. They are all leftovers from the quilt top that I have pieced for Lucy's big girl bed. I thought this crib size quilt would be a good one to hand quilt first. A manageable size with clear quilting lines. I thought I "invented" this pattern, but the owner of our local quilt shop told me it is a very old pattern called "Chinese Coins". HA, great minds think alike.
So, it is entirely machine pieced and hand quilted (and I have the calluses to prove it!) Here it is, fresh out of the drier, all cuddly and fluffy.
I like the back almost as much as the front. You can really see the quilting pattern this way! I even had personalized labels made, so many years from now, the current owner may think of me from time to time.
Not sure who I am going to give it too. I offered it to Lucy, but she is not interested and besides she has a queen size and a doll size coming her way out of the very same fabric. Might just keep it for myself....or maybe just wait for the right little girl to come along and claim it.


Jessica Amor said…
I love it! It is beautiful! It almost makes me want another baby girl just to get the quilt. :)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful job. It's beautiful! you did a great.