How this chapter started....

8 years ago today, I married this amazing man, and we have been living, loving and learning together ever since.
September 14, 2002. It was a gorgeous early fall day. I spent the morning with my tribe of ladies, at my house, laughing, primping, sipping champagne. Bruce had a friend bring over a sweet card and a beautiful aquamarine (my birthstone) bracelet (I still grieve the loss of that bracelet, it fell off one day, unnoticed, never to be seen again). I sent him a card also and a snappy new watch. A good friend, Kristy Peters, did all of our hair and I think we all felt gorgeous.

Bruce spent the morning at our best friends, Dean and Gabriella Marino's home. They played a round of golf in the morning before getting ready. They guys met up with the rest of the groomsmen and the photographer in the park across the street from the facility where the wedding was happening in Rochester, Michigan. They had their photos taken and were safely tucked away in the building before I arrived. I was escorted there in our dear friends Mark and Bob's new fancy ride, with my Mom.
I remember relaxing in that car. So excited to see all my plans for my wedding come together, so excited to spend the day with our dear ones, and most of all sooooo excited to see my beloved and vow to spend the rest of my life by his side. Not for one second did I question my intention to marry Bruce. Every cell in my body harmoniously celebrated this day arriving.

To save a little cash, we had hired a friend of mine to take the photos, so it was a very relaxed, comfortable environment for me. The ladies all met at the park for our turn in front of the lens. After a thousand clicks, many hugs and kisses and even a few tears, we headed over to prepare for the ceremony.

I knew then as I know even more deeply now that this man would be the best friend, lover, companion, partner, co-parent, beyond what I could even imagine.
I love you more every day Brucer. Happy Anniversary!
****I have decided to take the time to scan all of my wedding photos onto the computer and will be posting a series of the best ones over the next couple days (It is crazy to think that just 8 years ago we weren't digital yet!). I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me if you were there, or learning more about who I am if you weren't. Also, I will be given more peace to know that my photos and memories will be preserved for my children in one more way. *****


Hilary said…
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! soooooooooo wonderful!!! And you both look STUNNING!!! I'm excited to see more photos and hear more about the day. Happy Anniversary!!
4cheeseheads said…
Happy Anniversary Christi and Bruce. Your love for each other is an inspiration. You two were made for each other. Your bond is powerful. Love the photos and cannot wait to see more.
Anonymous said…
Such a happy, happy, fairytale day...where the prince and princess do live happily ever after! I shed a few happy tears reading! Happy new year together! Love you both! Mom
MountainWave said…
You two are an example of gooooooood energy squared. The power of two for the benefit of not just each other but your kids, your friends, your family, your community. Your love and friendship and support of one another expands into all those other circles. And that is a beautiful powerful thing. THANK YOU FOR JOINING TOGETHER. We love you both sooooo much and so support your life together.
Anonymous said…
Great memories, Bruce and Christi. I love who you are 8 years later as a couple and as individuals, and as parents. You are an inspiration. Dikke
Christi Gast said…
Thank you for all your kind and supportive words. I'll come back and read them next time I need to be reminded to get back in there and fight to keep my marriage strong.

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