And then it was time to leave...

Our reception was fun, meaningful, absolutely lovely. I have like a zillion and one photos, as we had cameras on every table. I am not going to post all of the people pictures...maybe next anniversary! ;) This sounds so cheesey, but it's true, ask anyone who was there, LOVE WAS IN THE AIR. It was an amazing evening of eating, dancing and drinking...and more dancing....and yeah, more drinking. One of the best moments for me was this one. Instead of throwing my bouquet, I gave it to my Grandma. I knew she would cherish it and I wanted to publicly thank her for all she had done for me. Our lineage, our name, Christina, our personality, our strength, our commitment to our families, all this we share, all this she has modeled for me.

These baskets lined the ailes of the ceremony and doubled as centerpieces. Two good florist friends of mine did the arrangements. I bought the fruit myself. Tiny red apples, purple plums, tiny green pears and green and purple champagne grapes. Celebrating the bounty of the season.

Our friend Monica, a pastry chef, made the insanely delisious cake. White cake with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries layered in between.
Monica helped the bridesmaids and I make the favors a few days before the big day. Fresh picked apples dipped in caramel, swirled with dark chocolate and white chocolate. When the guest walked in to the hall, they found their name written on the stick of their apple, along with their table assignment.

Not a single drop of rain had fallen until after the last photo had been taken, the last guest had gone inside to be served dinner. As Bruce and I entered the reception hall the skies opened and a refreshing rain fell. The DJ immediately played one of our favorite songs, Buddy Guy's, "It feels like rain." Another absolutely magical moment. I danced with my Step Dad, Mark, to "What a Wonderful World", and Bruce and my first dance was to Ella's "At Last". It continued to lightly rain off and on all evening. As we left the reception our guests all made a tunnel of sparklers for us to exit under. The humid air turned this amazing foggy color, perfection. We entered into our rented old skool caddy.

So so happy, one of those moments, when everything stand stills, all the faces of the people we love smiling, crying, waving us goodbye, wishing us well, everything is RIGHT.

And then we were off, for the Bahamas, for our life.


DeAnna said…
I've really loved this series, and I should do something similar for our anniversary coming up...of course, ours is only two years ;)
Hilary said…
I wish I had been there!!! =(
Mama Gast said…
You should DeAnna, I wish I had done it earlier, when the memories were more fresh. too girl, me too! I'm am super thankful you are here now.