The ceremony

My beautiful Mom walked me down the isle. It was such a surreal, floaty stroll!! I walked down the ales to the classic Pachelbel's Canon in D.
The ceremony was meaningful, sincere and short. The man who married us was a pastor and our next door neighbor and friend. We had so much fun with him and his wife, planning out the ceremony. I think they were glad to make the couple next door who were "living in sin" ligit...hehehe.

We had a surprise for everyone, but especially my Mom and Grandma. My family is Scottish, Grandma is first generation born in the U.S. We hired a Scottish bagpiper to come out and start playing as soon as we were announced and no one had a clue. This photo captures our joy looking at my Scottish matriarchs' reaction when they heard the first tell-tale notes. It was a really amazing moment.