Thread Head Designs ....Unveiled!

Well, I am ALL in. All into starting my own small business, that is. I have spent the last month or so directing much of my energy into growing a little dream of mine. I would love to be self employed, to be able to support my fabric habit plus a little extra for the family by making and selling my home sewn items.
My friend Katie invited me to share a booth with her in nearby Greenville, for their annual Squash and Gobble event. I decided that would be a great time to kick off a campaign to get this little train moving. I worked with my uber-talented friend, Chanley to get business cards and and a sign made. The hardest part of that was choosing a name. It had to be a name that didn't limit me into a certain product and was catchy. I have picked Thread Head Designs. Kind of a play on Dead Head (Grateful Dead fans) or Parrot Head (Jimmy Buffet fans) - both of which I would consider myself one, not coincidentally.

The day was a great success. I sold a good amount of product. I was able to see what people wanted, what colors were hot, what I need to make more or less of. I was able to think through my table displays and have a lot of ideas to make it look more organized next time.
We were so happy to be set up right next to our good friend, Ida, and her beautiful baskets (every one woven by her!!) and quilted items. We met other vendors, enjoyed visits from many of our friends, and Katie and I enjoyed spending the day together.
So, that's it...I am open for business. If you have any custom orders I could make for you as holiday gifts, place your order soon!! I will be using the address: for all related business. And....coming soon, and Etsy store!!! My next event is next weekend, Oct. 2 and 3rd at Lovell Orchards for the annual Apple Festival. I would LOVE to see you there!!!


DeAnna said…
I'm so happy it went so well for you!!!!
MountainWave said…
GOOD FOR YOU!! I love the name. This is so exciting!!! Good vibes and good fortune to you and this realized dream. Biiiiig hugs, Sara
Anonymous said…
Go Thread Head Design...Go use somebody's words: That's HOT Dikke