Favorite Toy

I am super involved in my local herb club and one thing I do for the club is to receive shipments from a herb/spice/organic wholesaler that the club orders from bi-monthly. I then split up the orders and accept payments from club members. To my children this means every other month they get the BEST TOY EVER!!! A BIG box!!
It is a boat/fort/cave/car/tent/fallout shelter...whatever they want to play at the moment and they absolutely love it. We pretty much let them play with it until the box falls apart. That gives them enough time to miss it until the next one arrives.

Happy kiddos!


4cheeseheads said…
the binoculars are back again. are those lucy's favorite right now?

love this post. watching their imaginations work with a plain box is an amazing thing.

looks like fun griffin and lucy.
Anonymous said…
I love that a box is not just a box
Thanks Griffin and Lucy for reminding me. Mormor
Mama Gast said…
She LOVES those Binos!! She wears them around the house most days.