The main players...

The wedding party. Amazing friends and family.
Each and every one still owns a huge part of our hearts
This is Bruce's family, Steve and Lee (Dad and Step-Mom), Grandpa and Grandma (Mom's parents), Chris with sons Walter and Josh (Mom and half-brothers), and Eric and Kelly (sister) Swank with Bradley, Matthew and Abigail.

My family - this circle has happily grown to include
many others since the time this photo was taken!
Sister Jessica and her husband Anthony, the Moms,
sister Alexis and Grandma and Grandpa Wetter.
Bruce and his Pa.

Me and my Moms

Bruce with Pa and Ma Gast.

Us with Grandma and Grandpa Wetter.

The lovely bridal party...our gorgeous flower girl Jessica,
sister Alexis, sister Jessica, Julie and Vida.
The handsome groomsmen, brutha's from a different mutha',
Pat, Jim, Dean and Dan. Our adorable ring bearer, Julian,
must have been on the run when this photo was taken! ;)
Maid of Honor, Julie

Best man, DeanOOO