My kitchen smells like Fall!

We have been enjoying all kinds of treats containing our locally bought apples! The kids are both eager to help crank the wheel to peel and slice the apples.
Lucy is enjoying getting super sticky playing with the remnants.

She even helped "sprinkle" cinnamon on top of our apple crisp.
In other news, we are going camping this weekend!! WOOT WOOT. We are going to be spending some highly anticipated time with Bruce's family in northern Indiana. Love it when the cousins can hang out. Griffin and Lucy are also looking forward to quality time with Grandpa and Grandma Gast.
Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Big Love to you.


4cheeseheads said…
MMMMM....I can smell the apple crisp. looks really yummy. send me that recipe when you get a chance. next week is fine.

have a wonderful time camping and spending time with bruce's side of the family. maybe next year we can meet you at their campground and get it in the calendar early enough.

we are headed to madison to be with carli/mike this weekend to get some time with kensington and riley. kensington has her baptism on sunday, chris has been chosen to be her godfather.

C. Michele said…
Yum, Yum. Nathan told me that I need to just start making monthly payments to the orchard I am there so often. Ha! We made applesauce and roasted apple sauce yesterday.

I found this recipe and thought it might be handy for you and your apple crisps!
MountainWave said…
WOOT WOOT (I am crackin' up). Looking forward to camping pictures. Hi Lulu! Good to see you girlie. Missin' us some Gasts and thankful for the blog.
Love, S&L